Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shooting Star

When you see a shooting star it is only for a brief moment.  Your eyes widen, inhaling a deep quick breath, while reaching for the arm of your companion in order to share the wonder.   The star is quick, surprising, and joyful and then it is gone.

I arrived here in Angels Camp broken, crushed in spirit.  I cried out to God in my loneliness.  I have needed to move so many times. I’ve had to leave behind all that has been familiar, comfortable, and friendly.  I always arrive in a new place a bit frightened by thoughts of continued loneliness and rejection.   Each new place has its own characteristics from embracing to hostile. What would this new place be like?  Will they get to know me?  How long is it going to take before I have non-cyber people in my life once again? As soon as I whispered this prayer, my shooting star appeared.

Sandy, in her wide brimmed hat, Hawaiian shirt, and crocs, rolled her motorized wheel chair into my life as soon as I arrived.  She lived three sites down from us and had a large bag of carrots to give away.  I was her intended recipient. Over the next few days she appeared in my yard any time I was outside.  She probed me for information, looking for a need she could help fill.  She began giving me gifts.  I would leave for the afternoon and return to find gifts of plants or food on my patio.

Sandy brought laughter with her and left joy behind.  My son Joshua truly enjoyed her company.  He would wait with anticipation for her visits.  He would peek over the bushes for any stirring from her home.  When she came, he would gladly offer to bag up any soda bottles or cans we had to give her so she could turn them in for extra money.  Sandy wheeled around the neighborhood with a friend who also had an electric chair.  Joshua stood in the road as if he were officiating a drag race.  He loved to see who would get to him first and this left all three of them in giggles.

Sandy was my shooting star and you are the arm I am reaching out to share the wonder with.  Her heart gave out a few weeks ago and she passed away very suddenly.  Just like a star, she was gone. By writing this I am attempting to give honor to the best gift she ever gave me, friendship. She came as an answer to prayer to acclimate me to a new environment.  I will be eternally grateful for her kindness and laughter.  She will forever be a reminder for me to be kind to whoever God puts in my path for however long they are there. 

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