Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Artistic Flair

In my 20’s, I became what is known as “artistic” ~ with all of the good and bad that this label conjures up.  I have always been crafty, but my horizons expanded and I began to do crafty things with blown glass, clay, and handmade paper.  I was beginning to have my work in shops and shows.  I was having fun and really loved this time in my life.

Then my life took a different turn. I married a helicopter pilot and my life became about travel and adventure.  I always pined for my art and in my time off you could often find me volunteering to teach ceramics to older ladies. They were always good about letting me do a few projects of my own.

When we lived in Hawaii, I began making jewelry.  I am not passionate about jewelry making; I never have been.  I make gifts and it keeps my hands busy, but it is not really my heart’s desire.

Now I am a mom and my gallery hopping days are far behind me, at least for now.  My dreams are not gone, though they are very different.  These days my art still comes out and there are moments I am just as proud of my creations as the old days.  I love to make character pancakes and have learned to manipulate the medium with my artistic flair.  When complete, I place my creations proudly on the table hoping my boy can guess what I made.  This week I wielded a Quetzalcoatlus (a flying dinosaur) and an Angry Bird in one meal.  This past Christmas, I specialized in HO cakes.

My gifts really shine when it comes time to making our Halloween costumes.  I take cardboard, paint, duct tape, pipe cleaners…. and create like crazy.  I have made Batman, Robin, and Bat Girl; a whale; Ghost Busters complete with flashing light proton pack; and this year Joshua was an Ice Watermelon Cannon from our favorite video game Plants vs. Zombies.

Life did not turn out the way I had ever planned.  There have been so many unexpected traveled roads, but I have come to realize that my artistic days are not gone. I am still creating. My palette has grown so much larger and more important. I may work in dough, cardboard, and duct tape making creations for my audience of one, but I never fail to remember that I am helping to sculpt my boy into a Godly man. My work is always on display in the galley of the world for all to see who wish to look.  This “work” will endure and remain far beyond my life as it echoes down through time.

What artist could ask for more?

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  1. i hear you. i used to think i would like to be a writer. but now i'm just a story crafter, a crazy rhymer and song singer, a goodie bag assembler and birthday cake maker, and a thrift store finder. and it really is all good. :)