Monday, August 29, 2011

A Cord of Three Strands

I am the mother of one.  In my youth I floundered away my time.  I then put forth a great work effort. By then, I was old enough to know I did not want to start a family until I could stay at home.  I was set in that goal.  My husband and I saved and planned. Everything was perfect until two weeks before my baby was due; his company laid him off work.  All that planning and work was for not….

Now what??

There was nothing the outside world could throw at us to stop the wondrous thing God was doing in our lives.  We became parents in spite of our circumstances and we have never looked back.  Our baby fit perfectly into our lives. We became three and will forever be stronger together. 

We continue to struggle, as is the human condition, but there is still nothing the world can throw at us to stop the wondrous thing God is doing in our lives...

Because we are a cord of three.


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