Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Recycle Guy

We were sleeping soundly in our trailer when the sound of the garbage truck woke us up. Keith got up and started getting ready for work. I was dozing in that early-morning-brain-fog while listening to the sounds of garbage.
It began to dawn on me…we were allowed only one small trash can at the park and ours was chained to our trailer. Our can was completely full. As the Garbage truck went by, I extracted myself from my comfy spot, crammed my stocking feet into my flip-flops, and hurdled myself towards the garbage can. I fiddled with the lock, fiddled with the lock, it was too early…what was the combination?!? 

The garbage truck was now driving up the hill and turning onto the next street. My back was recently injured during our move, so anticipating the pain, I picked up the can and started up the hill. I was moving with the can as fast as I could go. Up, up, up the hill huffing and puffing and limping. In my pajamas, wild hair, flip-flops, and socks...I made it to the garbage truck.

Low and behold, a young Arnold Schwarzenegger type guy gave me a white toothy grin and said in a soothing accent, “I’m the recycle guy.” 

I felt my face turn red. 

I kind of giggled and said, “Oh, I’m new here.” It was the best I could do.

The walk of shame as I waddled the can back down the hill was priceless.

In my life I have not prayed much for humility because there is ample opportunity for God to adjust my pride already. 

1 Peter 5:5 Put on humility. For God resists proud ones, but He gives grace to the humble.

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